How To Download and Play Garena Free Fire on Android, iOS, & PC [APK+OBB]

Nowadays, the craze of online multiplayer battle royale games has been growing day by day and many biggest game developers have started making some best battle royale games after the release of PUBG which have gained a great response from all over the world. But the biggest disadvantage is you need a higher RAM and ROM device to run the game. But you are lucky that the Garena Free Fire is one of the best alternatives of PUBG which you can simply download and install on your mobile. Well, the official version of Garena Free Fire game available for Android and iPhone. The good thing is you can even play Garena Free Fire on PC with the help of this article guide. So, let’s dive on to the new world of Garena Free Fire PC, Android and iOS.


About The Garena Free Fire Game

Instead of some biggest games like PUBG and Fortnite, millions of people still love to play Garena Free Fire battleground because of its short and intense gameplay where 50 players jump from the plan on the spawn island and survival for 10 minutes to be the last man standing. Players can freely select the place to jump via parachute. You should keep in mind that stays in the safe zone as long as possible. Well, the map is so large, so you need to search for weapons, drive to the sage zone using different vehicles, use your ambush, snipe and survive by killing the opponent. You also go behind airdrops to get some good item to face the enemy. What’s makes the Garena Free Fire game best? We must tell that 10 minutes gameplay, smooth control and realistic graphics make the game Garena Free Fire different from others.

Garena Free Fire Battleground Features

  • Short 10 minutes gameplay.
  • Multiplayer option to play with your friends while chit chatting.
  • Dive to the island and play against 49 other players.
  • Collect weapons, healing items, and use of different vehicles to travel around the map and be in the safe zone.
  • Make strategies with your friends to beat the enemies and be the last to win the match.
  • Best control on the low-end device
  • The game provides the best realistic game on normal range devices.

Garena Free Fire Game Maps

Garena Free Fire Game Maps

Talking about maps of Garena Free Fire battleground, the Garena Free Fire winterlands is one of the most talked maps in the Garena Free Fire game. The garena free fire winterlands was based on winter, which was available for limited time at the end of 2018. We can compare the winterlands of garena free fire to the new Vikendi map of PUBG. The garena free fire winterlands map was full of ice. Playing the garena free fire winterlands was fun. But after the three months, the map was removed by the developer. So, currently, there are two maps available in garena free fire game- Bermuda and Purgatory. But rumors are roaming around that the garena free fire winterlands map will also come soon in the game, but there is no confirmation yet. But you still have the option to play on other two maps of garena free fire battleground.

Garena Free Fire Game APK

Well, the Gerena publisher has already released the Garena Free Fire Game for Android and iOS devices on the Google Play Store and App Store. So, you can free download Garena Free Fire on Android and iPhone easily from the Google Play Store and App Store. Here we have given two different links to download Garena Free Fire game. Either you can download Garena Free Fire from the store or you can download the Garena Free Fire APK + OBB files as per your requirement.

How To Download and Install Garena Free Fire Android and iPhone

Here we have mentioned two different options to download and install Garena Free Fire game on your smartphone.

Step #1: Download Garena Free Fire APK + OBB from the below links:

Google Play Store

App Store

Garena Free Fire APK v1.29.0 + OBB

Garena Free Fire APK

Garena Free Fire OBB

Step #2: Once you have download the Garena Free Fire APK and OBB from the above link, just open the downloaded file and tap to install.

Step #3: It will take a few seconds to install. Once it’s done, just tap on Open and play the game on your smartphone.

How To Download and Install Garena Free Fire on PC [Windows 10/8/7]

As we know that Garena Free Fire battleground game is not available for PC, but there is a still way to download Garena Free Fire for PC Windows 7/8/10 so that you can take a better control with mouse and keyword to play the game with the best control and win the match. But before you go the process to get Garena Free Fire PC version on your Windows, you should make sure that your PC is compatible to sun Garena Free Fire.

Garena Free Fire PC Minimum System Requirements

OS Windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP
Processor Dual-Core 2+ GHz
Memory 2 GB RAM
Graphics Nvidia HD Graphics 3000 or Higher
DirectX Version 11
Storage 4 GB available space


If your PC meets above requirement, then you can go through below process to download Garena Free Fire on PC.

Step #1: First of all download and install bluestacks PC emulator on your PC from the below link.

Download Bluestacks 4

Step #2: Once the latest bluestacks version installed on your PC, then you can search for the Garena Free Fire from the store and install it on your PC through an emulator.

Step #3: So, just accept some terms and conditions and click to download and install.

Step #4: Once it get installed on your PC, you can play Garena Free Fire PC version from the Bleustacks emulator.

That’s it!

Garena Free Fire Tips For Beginners

If you are new or already played the Garena Free Fire game on your device, these Garena Free Fire tips & tricks will allow you to play the game with more fun and win the match. Let’s check out some tips of Garena Free Fire battleground.

  • As we know that the game starts by jumping from the plan and land to the ground by through parachute, we suggest you do not release parachute until you reach to the ground. If you open the parachute earlier then your speed will get slower than other players and you will get late for the loot. Well, your parachute will get opened automatically when you come closer to the ground. So, don’t worry!
  • Try to play in the safe zone as you can check the map on the top left. Well, the zone will get shrink from time to time, so you need to keep your eyes on the safe and danger zone to survive till the end.
  • The map on the top right corner will also help to check the location of enemies by red dots and also get the idea about your current location.
  • Try to ignore the crowd and also concentrate on survival. So, your main motto does not get killed. It’s no shooting game, its survival game. So, try to stay safe by hiding towards rocks, trees, or in the grass.
  • A headphone is the best friend to play the game with the great way you it helps to hear the gunshot and enemy footsteps properly and track the enemy. So, using headphone is the best way to play Garena Free Fire game.
  • Avoid using Vehicles in short distance as it gets easily track by your enemy and they can get easy target also. But if you are far from the safe zone, then you can use the vehicle to reach the safe zone as soon as possible. So, always try to ignore using a vehicle in the game.
  • Airdrops are great but also danger for you as many other players are greedy for the airdrop. As airdrops contain good weapons, every player wants to get it. So, when it comes to looting the airdrops, you won’t have to greedy. After checking surround, you can loot the airdrop.
  • Keep moving is best tips of every battle royale game as you won’t get easily targeted. So make sure that you are moving while playing the game. If you stop at once place, you will get easily killed by one headshot. So always keep moving your body while playing Garena Free Fire battleground.

This was the too simple to install Garena Free Fire on PC with the help of Bluestack 4 latest version. It’s the great platform to play Android games on PC for free with better control and smooth gameplay. You can also download other games like Garena Free Fire and play on your PC. Hope you have started playing the game, if so then do not forget to share your first experience with us.

What’s Garena Free Fire Mod Apk?

If you are playing the Garena Free Fire game for a long time then you may have the idea about the Garena Free Fire Mode APK file. If don’t, then let me tell you that Garena Free Fire Mode APK file is one of Garena Free Fire hack. Yes, many folks are talking about this Garena Free Fire hack with Garena Free Fire mode apk will allow a player to use some type of Garena Free Fire hack to kill the opponent easily. You use some trick to kill the enemy without aiming. You will have just need to shoot the gun and your nearby enemy will get killed automatically. Well some of the Free Fire Hack Diamonds Cheats MOD also claims that it connected on the servers’ game and made changes into data base to different resources amounts of your Diamonds and coins. So, you can add unlimited Diamonds in the game using some Garena Free Fire hack.  Since the game is developed by 111dots Studio, we suggest you not use any type of Garena Free Fire cheat as you may get ban for using any Garena Free Fire hacks.

Garena Free Fire Top Up

As the game is very popular among people from all over the world, the 111dots Studio have also added some impressive special rewards in the game which can make your look unique from others and special. So, there are is Garena Free Fire top up center available online by the Gerena which allow Garena Free Fire players to use Garena Free Fire top up to get some rewards. You might be wondering where Garena Free Fire is top up center and how to use Garena Free Fire top up. So, here you can follow few steps to use Garena Free Fire top up.

#1: Visit page.

#2: Next, select Free Fire from the Gerena shop top up page.

Garena Free Fire Top Up

#3: Now you can use your Facebook or game ID to login.

Garena Free Fire Top Up

#4: Next, you need to select Card and proceed to payment.

Garena Free Fire Top Up

#5: Now there you need to put Key in your zGold-MOLPoints direct top up’s Serial number and Pin and also clear captcha to continue.

Garena Free Fire Top Up

That’s it!

Well, these were everything about Garena Free Fire for mobile and PC. Hope now you have installed the game on your system and started playing it. So, do you love playing the Garena Free Fire? In which platform you are playing Garena Free Fire game? Which is your favourite platform to play Garena Free Fire? Which other games you are playing on your system? Wanna share? Feel free to drop a message below. We will appreciate your opinion.